EBA Environmental, Inc is a full service environmental management and services firm with offices in Florida. Our staff is comprised of educated, trained and experienced consultants with experience in government and industry having worked on both sides of the table in environmental permitting and enforcement.


Our focus in Environmental permitting has lead us to be among the most authoritative sources in Florida regarding permitting in the many waterways throughout the state. Private sector clients, including Marinas, Navigation Districts and Local Governments have long relied on EBA to not only obtain permits for dredging, filling and construction activities to support recreational use of Florida's water systems; but to direct construction activities as well, in order to assure compliance with the many rules that govern these activities in Florida waters.

We specialize in assisting the client in obtaining difficult permits and in achieving project goals relative to the Environment and Business interests.

Best Management Practices

Our experience in Best Management Practices (BMPs) covers projects that range from commercial to agriculture. We have managed BMP research projects that exceeded 10 million dollars in grants and consultant contract fees and have designed and executed successful studies in BMP development that allow land owners as well as public entities to achieve their production goals and at the same time be environmentally compliant with State and Federal rules and laws.

Our scientific expertise combined with our knowledge of regulatory requirements and our long history with BMP work makes EBA unique for very large scale or complex projects.

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